Later Zephyr Walls

The walls here were done in the early 80’s. As I got better at doing subway pieces I decided to try my subway painting process on some walls. I had gotten to the point where I could execute a full color piece with a little style pretty quickly so I decided to go for it. My friend FUZZ had moved from the Bronx and was living in Queens back then and had painted a bunch of handball courts out there with full burners and I was really inspired by the stuff he was doing. I was pretty nervous about how my own wall pursuits would work out. This wasn’t the back lane of a dark train yard, it was definitely a different type of risk. Although on the good side, if I did get caught I wouldn’t have to deal with the notorious graffiti detectives Hickey and Ski since the regular police and the Transit Police were separate entities back then. I did have some close calls, but I never got grabbed. The wall we did in Hunter High School was a bad night though, and our lookout (my girlfriend Cameron) got grabbed. The rest of us got away, the benefit of being teenagers skinny enough to slip under parked cars and stay there until the cops gave up looking for us.

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